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The "Instant Gratification" Chore Chart....

The "Instant Gratification" Chore Chart....

So, a few weeks back, I decided to start an actual allowance, for my two girls. Typically I did a rewards system, but I wanted to really start teaching them about saving, the real value of money, and the value of  work ethic. I sat and looked up ideas, but nothing really seemed to catch my eye.

I started brainstorming.

Here's what I came up with...

An "Instant Gratification", chart.

Basically, the way it works is, that each day, they have a set of chores/responsibilities. If they complete the items on the cards, the get to collect their $1 at the end of the day (After I have checked that things have been done). 

The rules are:
Mommy checks before they collect their $1 
If they do not complete their tasks, Mommy gets to keep that $1 for that day. 

If Mommy has a bonus chore, they can potentially earn that $1, back.

The great thing about this chart is that you can update it as needed. The cards can be updated and replaced, as the child gets older, since they are only help by a push pin.

You can also set up a system where they start with $1 a day, then move it to $2, every other day, $3 every 3 days...and so on. This will gradually take them from encouraging by instant gratification (Which most children seem to respond well to), all the way up to teaching them that hard work pays off over time. It's completely up to you

Now, how to make it:

(This makes a chart for two children) 
-(1) 2 ft x 2 ft piece of particle board

-A 2 ft. x 2 ft sheet of cork

-(14) Screw in hooks 
(The kind of hooks used to hand coffee mugs)

-Spray adhesive 
(Or you can use a glue gun)

-1 roll of Scotch Expressions Tape 
(I used black, but they come in a ton of colors)

-(14) Push Pins (I used Clear)

-(14) Binder clips

-Measuring Tape


Start by Finding the center of the board. Use your tape to divide the cork board into anywhere between 5 and 7 days, depending on your chore chart requirements. You will need to make sure to measure.
 (See pictures above).

This tape is very easy to work with. 

Once the board is divided into sections, I used my label maker to make the days of the week. You can also print them out and use double-sided tape to attach.
Next, screw in the hooks. Make sure to center them in the space. This will hold the binder clips, that hold the $1 bills.

 At this point, you should be at the stage below...

For the Chore Cards:
I personally Used my printer to type up a checklist, then printed and trimmed it down. I then used doublesided tape, to attach it to some scrapbook paper. You can just use index cards, if that works better for you. 

I finished by laminating the cards, so that they would turn into dry erasable cards.

Attach cards to chart with pushpins, about halfway down the rectangular space.

Viola!!! Your "Instant Gratification" Chore Chart.

15 uses for Q-tips....


1. Use Q-Tips to light hard-to-reach candle wicks. Simply dip one end of the cotton swab into rubbing alcohol. Light the cotton and then light the candles. Dip the burning end into water to put the flame out completely.

2. Q-tips brand cotton swabs that are dipped in rubbing alcohol have other uses too. Use them to clean electronic devices such as CD players, DVD/VCR players, cameras, radios and computers.

3. Dip the ends of cotton swabs into sudsy water and use them to clean small knick knacks.

4. Dip the ends of Q-Tips in olive oil and then run them along sticky zippers. The oil is an excellent lubricant that will make the closures open and close easier.

5. Clean out debris from a drilled hole with a cotton swab before you insert a screw or other fastener.

6. Apply glue to small model parts, craft pieces and other things by placing a dab of glue on a Q-Tips first. Smear the glue where you want it, then put the pieces together.

7. Use rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips, and you can clean the battery connections on cordless phones, cell phones, battery-operated toys, radios- anything that uses batteries to operate. Dip the ends of the swab in alcohol and squeeze out the excess. Then, clean off the contacts.

8. Another unique use for Q-Tip cotton swabs is to dip the ends in soapy water. Then, use the ends to clean the dirt and grime from the fins of furnace and air conditioning ducts.

9. When you're stripping the finish off of old furniture, use cotton swabs to get into intricate detailings, cracks and crevices.

10. Clean up nail polish goofs up with Q-Tips while the color is still wet and your hands will look like they were done by a professional! This unique use works on toe nails too.

11. Paint small areas and parts on models with cotton swabs. The ends cover a wider area than a toothpick does, plus it's not so apt to drip or leave blops of paint.

12. Use Q-Tips brand cotton swabs to clean out food from the corners of square containers. Soak the container first in hot, sudsy water.

13. Have you ever stepped in mud or something nasty and gotten it in the indents and designs on your shoe soles? Before the substance dries, use wet cotton swabs to scrape it out.

14. Q-Tips work great for applying ointments in between the toes of your feet. They're just the right size!

15. If the small, permanent screen in the cold water supply line of your washing machine gets plugged with debris like mine does, then have I got a unique use for you. Use a couple Q-Tips to clean the screen out once a month. Nothing else fits inside the line like a cotton swab does.

Cleaning those foggy mirrors..

Do you have a mirror that just never looks clean? Does it have that "Foggy" look? Here's how to clear that right up...

Image DetailWhat you need:
Baking soda
Spray bottle
Two soft cloth
newspaper or paper towels

In a small bowl, make a paste of baking soda and water. I'd give you specific amounts but all mirrors are different sizes, and it's difficult to determine how much YOU will need.

Dip soft cloth into the paste. Make sure you have plenty of paste on the cloth. Now, start scrubbing your mirror. Act like you are buffing a car. Once the entire mirror is coated with that paste, allow to sit for 5 minutes. Use a warm damp cloth to them wipe down the mirror, and remove the paste. Make sure to rinse the cloth throughout.

Once the paste is removed, fill your spray bottle 1/4 of the way, with vinegar, and fill the rest with water.
Spray down the mirror, and wipe to a shine with newspaper or paper towels.

All of the build up on that mirror will have been removed, and you'll have a brand new looking mirror. :)

Easy Beginner Crockpot Pot Roast...

You want a meal that will impress, but you don't have a  lot of experience in the kitchen. This is a SUPER easy recipe that is sure to impress!

What you need:
1 pork pot roast
2 cans of chicken or beef broth
4 large carrots, sliced
4 large potatoes, diced
Dry chopped onion
A little pepper
1 cup of water


Turn your crockpot on high for 4 hours, reduce it to low for the last 2-3 hours. Spoon out potatoes and carrots, and place in a serving bowl. Remove the roast and place on a plate. Allow to rest for 10 minutes. Slice, and enjoy!

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"Pumpkin Recipe Round-up"...Over 35 Pumpkin recipes!!

You guys asked for it!! Everything Pumpkin!!

Check out the 35+ Pumpkin Recipes, that your favorite bloggers, along with myself, have compiled!!


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